Success in the Era of Transformation

What is transformational consulting?

Organisations today now face a continuous cycle of change and challenges that force them to re-think, shift direction, rework strategy, adapt their structure or improve their culture to sustain their vision.

This is the new normal of transformational change. An era where to stay true to your vision requires bold and transformational thinking and high performing teams able to navigate this dynamic and stay ahead of your competition.

At times you may need to call on experience and understanding to support you on your transformation journey. This is where we fit in.

We provide the expertise, tools and methods that seamlessly align to your needs, embrace your leaders and support you in sustaining your shared vision.
Our advisors can help you turn your vision into action and success.

We believe that business transformation involves the whole organisation and addresses all the changes needed to reach your envisioned outcomes. Successful systemic transformation includes:

  • changing or refining your processes
  • goal alignment
  • updating policies
  • supporting your people
  • developing knowledge, skills and agile behaviours
  • adapting your operating model to harness change.


Why Providence?

Providence provides contemporary, actionable advice and integrated services that enable you and your leadership team to harness change and build a transformative organisation. Our advisers are experts at:

  • Delivering successful organisational transformation through superior operating model design, right sized structure and workforce planning.
  • Supporting you drive change through influential stakeholder engagement through strategic communication and effective managerial leadership.
  • Establishing agile thinking, great culture that aligns to organisational values, goals and aspirations that uplifts your capability to achieve outcomes and realise planned benefits.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to navigating the business of transformation. Every organisation is unique and requires deep understanding to tailor solutions tailored to your specific needs, challenges, operating context and resources.

We support you in the business of transformation through a comprehensive approach that looks at your fundamentals and works with you to understand the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘What’ required to sustain your vision and achieve success:



We are living in an era of digital, environmental and organisational transformation. How you and your team navigate this new normal is a key driver to success. We help you achieve your vision in this era of transformation through building agile, high-performing teams and systems that develop the culture and capability you need to harness the power of change.

Organisational Culture Ecosystem

We start this process by reviewing your operating environment, identify the challenges you are facing and general economic climate you operate within. This helps us understand you better and the context for your product and service offerings.

This provides an ‘all factors’ understanding of your organisation’s strategic intent, the ‘DNA’ of your teams and keys to sustaining your vision and drive to success.

Our approach also includes analysis of your delivery and supply chain efficiency, organisational fit, governance and supporting systems to understand efficiencies and how to help you increase performance and focus on delivery outcomes.

Adaptive Culture

We believe that cultural change occurs in the context of your organisation’s intent – your vision, values, mission, philosophy and strategy – and how this aligns with (and, at times) changes your organisational structures, systems and processes to meet the demands of your new requirements.

We help you build an adaptive team culture. One built on the development of focused, high performing teams and the implementation of flexible learning pathways that are aligned to your business objectives.

We design and measure benefits and change management outcomes for better reporting, continuously adjusting this applied approach as your organisation continues to evolve.

We achieve this dynamic change through collaboration and co-design from the outset. Leader-led design from the ground up.

Your transformation journey begins with your leadership team having to navigate at least four key areas:

  • Designing or refining organisational structure
  • Planning the workforce and developing their capability
  • Managing change well
  • Supporting your team through a robust, healthy and resilient culture.


Let’s look at each area in more detail:

Organisational transformation

Organisational transformation

Effective, sustainable, and realistic transformation of organisations to achieve the business plan objectives
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Workforce planning

Workforce planning

Comprehensive analysis, assessment and forecasting to understand supply, demand and identify gaps
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Culture change

Culture change

Enabling psychological safety, building resilience, bringing corporate values to life to enhance motivation
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Change management

Change management

Best-in-class change management frameworks with processes that measure effectiveness
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Case Studies

Organisational Transformation

Workforce Planning

Culture Change

Change Management

Adash Janiszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Adash is Providence’s CEO and is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence’s clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence’s staff.