Transformation Services

Designing Your Organisational Structure

We collaboratively work with you to design the best fit-for-purpose operating model, organisation model and team structures.

We support your transformational enterprise to create and co-design:

  • operating models
  • organisational restructuring
  • team sizing and span of control
  • interoperability frameworks and service level agreements.

This is a holistic process built on 12 essential elements to review your organisational structure and the design of a purpose-built standard operating model (SOM):

Operating models

The organisational review starts with a clear vision and strategy and involves a review of technology, processes, people capability and capacity, all through a sustainability and governance lens.

Our advisors are deeply familiar with the importance of creating a good culture, managing change well, having executive endorsement and good leadership support, and doing communication and stakeholder engagement well.

Organisational Transformation Case Studies

Water NSW

Denel Defence

The Watkins Group

Workforce planning

Our comprehensive analysis, assessment and forecasting team develops a deep understanding of your workforce: supply, demand and gaps/opportunities in organizational capability, teaming and skills of your people.

We will support your transformational enterprise to design and deliver:

  • a contemporary strategic workforce planning model
  • a workforce transition program, including capability uplift and reskilling
  • capability assessment & uplift
  • learning needs analysis (TNA & PNA)
  • learning and development (L&D) requirements.

Our approach to workforce is through a dynamic workforce design and planning cycle:

Workforce planning

We start by thoroughly benchmarking and analysing your current workforce against National Competency and Industry Standards.

After this bench analysis is complete, we then work with you to evaluate future needs to enable a risk and probability-based workforce forecast, which both serve as a key input to a rigorous gap analysis.

Next, we develop strategies with you to fill the gap – based on both budget constraints, teaming and your operating model. Questions during this phase of work include:

  • Do we hire?
  • Should we contract?
  • Is it better to outsource?

We collaborate on the best methods of adoption – the implementation strategies which might include attraction, retention, training and development or capability uplift. Constant monitoring and evaluation (M&E) help us refine our approach with you as new challenges arise.

Workforce Planning Case Studies

Joint Health Command

Procter & Gamble Germany

Australian Federal Police

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Floristry

Culture change

We understand that psychological safety, building resilience, bringing corporate values to life to enhance motivation are the bedrock of cultural change.

We will support your transformational enterprise to better understand and help you:

  • enable psychological safety
  • build high performing teams
  • build resilience, based on psychological safety
  • proactively manage mental health and issues like moral injury
  • align values and principle-based behaviours.
  • drive inclusion and diversity, and
  • enhance in-house innovation and sharpen benefits realisation.

Our overall approach is based on paying attention to both organisational modality (what we do together) and sodality (who we are together), as summarised in the following diagram:

It is important through this work that we maintain our focus on the individual, teams within teams and operational or structural aspects of the organisation simultaneously.
This is a bi-fold process that focusses on the one hand on the process of building high performing teams through:

  • establishing trust
  • learning to debate ideas
  • obtaining commitment
  • holding each other accountable
  • aligning to shared outcomes.

On the other hand combining with the process of:

  • developing a vision and strategy your people can understand and buy into
  • articulating values and expected and measurable behaviours
  • ensuring everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities
  • delegating and pushing down authority
  • creating goals and KPIs.

We will support you throughout this comprehensive approach so that organisational culture naturally evolves toward high performance, based on the foundation of psychological safety and resilience to changes in the environment.

Culture Change Case Studies

Brotherhood of St Laurence


Parramatta Light Rail Vehicle

Powerhouse Museum

Change management

We use best-in-class change management frameworks with supporting processes that measure the effectiveness of the changes you have identified and undertaken.

We will support your organisation to undertake successful transformation through a comprehensive approach based on:

  • best practice change management
  • organisational psychology
  • stakeholder engagement, facilitation and communication
  • behavioural economics and nudge theory
  • qualitative research through story capture and survey
  • sentiment and thematic analysis.
Change Management

Excellence in change management requires three related areas of expertise and three intersecting skill sets:

  • Change engagement – explaining the why of change, the burning platform and reasons for adoption, including active executive support and visibility.
  • Change psychology – understanding how change motivates or demotivates people and discovering how they will be impacted by the changes.
  • Change management – the steps or methodology of implementing the change. Many prefer using a process like Prosci and its ADKAR model, though there are a range of choices.

Our expert consultants can facilitate workshops with you and your teams to drive good stakeholder engagement and build a dynamic two-way communicate framework to keep the organisation informed and engaged throughout the change process.

Change Management Case Studies

Force Options & Plans Branch

Sydney Water

Hobart Clinic

Adash Janiszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Adash is Providence’s CEO and is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence’s clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence’s staff.