DSTG Integrated Ship System Enterprise Innovation, Science and Technology Conference

Yes, it’s a mouthful and lived up to it’s long title! From 8-10 November, DSTG Maritime hosted the inaugural ISSE IST Program (for short!) at DSTG Edinburgh.

The conference covered the work being undertaken by DSTG in support of the Surface Combatants across the platforms, maritime aviation, combat and weapons systems. It was a huge 3 days with the first day setting the strategic context being provided by Navy, NSSG and DSTG.

The second day was an in-depth look into the themes (projects in PM talk) across the systems. This provided Navy with the opportunity to see the research DSTG is conducting to support the surface ships (“targets” for those in the submarine world) now and into the future. As well as Navy to identify the areas where they want more or less research to be undertaken.

The third day was demonstrations of the work being completed in DSTG with our own Rhys Hollands chance to shine, where he presented the work he has been progressing on a Maritime Planning Room and in particular on…– we could tell you more, but then…

The whole conference was supported by our DSTG Maritime Adelaide team members who were absolutely exhausted by the time the conference finished on Thursday afternoon. In fact, I think they were exhausted before it started!

A huge thanks to Suzanne Venter, Kelly Goode, Shannon Carbone, Di Nowak and Rhys Holland. Your support to DSTG – and in particular your door duties over the first two days – is deeply appreciated! DSTG Maritime had nothing but amazing things to say about you all – THANK YOU!! Look out for a little reward from DSTG soon!

Adash Janiszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Adash is Providence’s CEO and is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence’s clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence’s staff.