IP Australia - Quality Improvement Program & Cultural Change

Services Provided:

  • Strategic plan development
  • Business plan development
  • Redesign of quality improvement system
  • Design and implementation of a change management plan 

A Providence team member was engaged to address cultural issues, siloed departments, and an ineffective quality assurance processes. The client sought help to design and implement a Quality Improvement Project (QIP). Undertaken in phases, a trials approach was adopted with consultants co-designing working groups that included representation from each division. Consultants were embedded in the internal design teams, running the trials whilst maintaining BAU and educating the change team in using a scientific approach. Members of our team worked as part of the virtual organisation undertaking the strategic planning and change process to redesign and implement a new quality management system and measure its effectiveness. The new quality improvement system was introduced while maintaining BAU commitments. The project improved quality while also resulting in a 33% reduction in staff absenteeism, an 8% year on year improvement in staff satisfaction, and a 5% reduction in staff turnover.

Adash Janiszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Adash is Providence’s CEO and is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence’s clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence’s staff.