Warfare across domains and integrated effects

Providence Consulting was privileged to host a seminar on Multi-Domain Operations for our Defence colleagues and our consultants working on multi-domain strike (MDS) and associated areas such as full-spectrum targeting and joint-fires.

The seminar keynote speaker was Dr Robbin Laird and hosted by our General Manager, Craig Furini, AM, CSC. Robbin is a well-respected, US-based, military and security analyst who has worked for the US Government and several think tanks. He has written extensively on international security issues and has advised political leaders, senior policy makers and military officers in the US, Europe, and Australia. Robbin’s work is regularly published in Breaking Defense and RealClearDefense.

The seminar provided a great opportunity to enable stakeholders from across the Defence enterprise to connect and be exposed to different thinking, to share and debate ideas, challenge the status quo, critically think, and develop a better appreciation of the shared challenge and path ahead to integrate and deliver strike effects across domains and the shape-deter-respond continuum.

We are grateful to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute for allowing us to host the event in their facility and for the contribution they made to the discussion.

Adash Janiszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Adash is Providence’s CEO and is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence’s clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence’s staff.