Diversity and Inclusivity

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

Providence leverages a company-wide awareness and acceptance of diversity to foster a greater understanding and inclusivity of all people.

Providence will develop and foster acceptance and inclusivity of all and will leverage experiences of diverse peoples as a pathway to inclusiveness of people from all races, cultures, gender identity and religion. As an Australian organisation and recognising the experiences of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we will increase educational awareness of Australia’s history as a foundation and extend the learning about multicultural diversity.

Our commitment:

We are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion in our company as it is integral to our culture, our values and the way we do business. We are committed to understanding and supporting the needs of our employees and clients where we value individuality.

We understand diversity and inclusion is a journey and we are committed to the journey through revisiting our Diversity and Inclusion Plan regularly, making adjustments over time and by being accountable.

Where are we now?

We have already begun our diversity and inclusion journey through changes on a number of measures, some of which include:

  • Introduction of an Employee Assistance Program
  • Supporting individual family situations
  • Increased cultural, gender and age diversity within our workforce
  • Implementing a formal Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Introduction of a Graduate program
  • Acknowledging and supporting Health, including mental health
  • Developing a relationship with Curijo Pty Ltd to assist in our Diversity and Inclusion Planning and execution.