Our Identity and Culture

Providence’s identity and culture is expressed through its people.

Our values and behaviours are central to who we are and how we are perceived. We actively seek people who align with these values and behaviours.

Our values and behaviours are:

Engage with and listen to others.

We champion soft skills: We have empathy, are approachable, and we actively listen. We promote collaboration and respect, and genuinely strive to help our colleagues and clients succeed.

Be humble.
Work hard.

We conduct ourselves with humility: We are not overbearing; we leave our egos at the door and we roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

Be good at what you do.
Act with integrity.

We think critically, we are flexible, and we think before we act. We are pragmatic: We balance the following of processes with the delivery of outcomes. We value openness, honesty and accountability.

Own your mistakes.
Never stop learning.

We actively seek opportunities for personal and professional growth. We see our successes and failures as learning opportunities to be shared.

Have fun.
Look after yourself.
Look after others.

We contribute to an enjoyable workplace and maintain a positive life balance. We take time out when needed and look out for others. We are part of a community and seek opportunities to utilise our skills and passions for wider benefit.

Diversity and Inclusivity at Providence

Providence is committed to providing a workplace for our employees and clients that respects and fosters diversity and inclusion.

We embed this commitment through positive action across all business areas and levels.

We will actively support our staff to enjoy a happy work and personal life as required.

Our diversity and inclusion include:

  • People of all ages
  • People of all cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds
  • People of all health abilities – including physical and mental health
  • People of all walks of life

As an Australian business, we are proud of our growing relationships with indigenous organisations, including Curijo Pty Ltd, and will continue to work for positive outcomes for all Australians.

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Executive Team

Richard McShane

Chief Executive Officer

Richard provides strategic leadership and operational oversight over Providence's business operations. He is responsible to the Providence Board and Providence's clients for ensuring the timely delivery of outcomes through advice, guidance and mentoring to Providence's staff.

Mark Cooper

General Manager Consulting

Mark leads the consulting practice. He enjoys helping organisations to achieve sustainable strategic goals and champions staff career opportunities in a positive and inclusive organisational culture.

Stuart Taylor

General Manager Delivery

Stuart leads the delivery practice. Stuart has extensive experience leading and resolving complex problems across a broad domain of areas.

Johanna Crawford

Human Resources Manager

Johanna manages our human resources activities. She is passionate about delivering genuine, targeted and wholistic HR solutions to enable our people.

Louise Whitty

Business Manager

Louise manages the business administration functions. She has a strong background in managing all commercial functions of organisations.

Adash Janiszewski

Principal, Organisational Risk & Resilience

Adash leads the organisational risk and resilience practice. He has significant expertise in developing and implementing systems for managing organisational risk, security and emergency incidents. He has worked domestically, and overseas, supporting Government Departments, multi-lateral stability programs and commercial entities.

Luke Martin

Organisational Transformation

Luke leads the organisational transformation practice. He has strong contemporary strategic planning, management and transformation abilities and experience.

Dave Whitfield

Risk and Resilience Practice Manager

David leads the organisational risk and resilience practice. He is passionate about helping organisations with the security and integrity of their operations. His wide-ranging experience has taught him the importance of staying ahead of new and emerging risks.

“It’s really exciting helping our clients to achieve significant benefits through organisational transformation and change programs.”

Luke – Principal Consultant